Rogers for Business

Wireless & Unified Communications

Communicate, create and collaborate with apps accessible from any internet-enabled device via the cloud, you can increase your team’s productivity while also reducing the costs and hassles of owning and maintaining on-premises IT infrastructure.

Fleet & Asset Management

Boost visibility into your vehicles to enhance safety, decrease downtime, simplify compliance and improve customer service. Track shipments, tools, equipment, inventory and other assets so you can improve security, reduce spoilage and enhance customer service.

Data Centre & Backup

Better managed IT infrastructure for a better managed business. Get 100% uptime for your business-critical applications by housing your IT hardware in one of our Tier III certified data centres, practically eliminating the risk of power outages, overheating and other environmental hazards.

Rogers Wireless & Unified Communications

Build a custom solution tailored to your business

With flexible plans, add-ons, and financing options for new hardware, we’ve got your needs covered. Know your monthly costs without the hassles of monitoring each employee’s usage with Telecom Expense Management solutions.

Microsoft 365 delivered by Rogers

Increase your team’s productivity while also reducing the costs.

Centralize all your communication needs, including chats, meetings, file sharing and more, in one app—Microsoft Teams—for seamless remote collaboration. Get a branded email address to reinforce your business’s professionalism.

Rogers Unison

Drive productivity and help reduce costs while improving each customer’s experience with Rogers Unison. Deliver professional voice calling alongside a full range of messaging, collaboration and conferencing features—keeping you productive and connected to your customers regardless your device or location.

Fleet & Asset Management

Fleet management in action

Take the administration and bookkeeping out of regulatory compliance with automated reporting and ELDs designed to satisfy all levels of government regulation. Protect your staff, vehicles and cargo with alerts and reporting for weather, engine diagnostic data and driver behaviour.

Asset management solutions

Help drive efficiency and savings by maximizing utilization of assets and resources; streamline operations and use predictive maintenance to reduce equipment failure. Improve delivery times and better serve your customers; track and monitor shipments to optimize routes and identify choke points as well as verifying delivery and cold chain integrity.

Data Centre & Backup

Rogers Colocation Services

Our 24/7 support and managed service technicians allow you to offload critical day-to-day operations so you can focus on your customers without worrying about business continuity. You’ll always be able to add to your environment and connect your interface with us to create a resilient hybrid solution. Scale up or down and replace old equipment while freeing up space at your workplace. We take care of the logistics.

Data protection services

Cloud-based data protection services are more affordable, less stressful alternatives to tape archives. Compatible with hundreds of applications, they’re easily managed through intuitive online portals or fully managed for you by Rogers for Business. Continuously replicate data and applications to a secure Tier III Rogers data centre, ensuring they are quickly recoverable at any time.

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